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1970 - 1972 Classic El Camino's Rule!

Classic Car Parts Co. is expressly proud to present the Classic El Camino.

When Ford introduced the Ranchero in 1957 they did not realize they were creating the SUV revolution. The Ranchero was the original Sport/Utility Vehicle! GM not wanting to be left behind introduced the El Camino in 1959, production ran to 1987.

The El Camino (originally based on the 1959 Impala frame and body style), a car/pickup combination, you could use it to move cargo, or take your girl to a movie, and IN STYLE! The prime reason for the popularity was the low cost and the high horsepower. Compared to today’s cars they were higher in quality, quantity and reliability.

The El Camino, considered by the unknowing as a pickup, was also a exquisite car, if you wanted a muscle car this one had it in both worlds!! The El Camino came with a six or eight cylinder engine stock, the most popular was the 350ci 300hp, special orders could go as high as the SS (Super Sport) with a 454ci 450hp! Heck if your mom was the primary driver dad probably bought it with the six cylinder 250ci 155hp!!

On the following pages you will find information and parts for the Classic El Camino, from A to Z. Some of the parts may be the Original GM parts, some may be from the original molds GM has sold, they may be third party but they have the original specifications and will look and fit like the original part. Other parts will be third party reproductions because the original molds were either lost, destroyed, or thrown away by the manufacture. In some cases you will find that a 1969 Lemans wing window will fit your 1971 Chevelle, or a 1970 Monte Carlo hard top door window and window seal will fit your 1970 Chevelle. GM did use some interchange ability with their different

1970  El Camino

1971  El Camino

1972  El Camino

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Artwork courtesy
of Vince Crain

White 1970 El Camino SS by Vince Crain

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