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(Note: I have researched the net and the library and here is what I have found, I believe these facts to be true.)

In September of 1963 Chevrolet added the Classic Chevelle to its production line as a mid sized vehicle. Smaller than the Impala and with a lower sticker price, to become the replacement line for the Bel Air.

Detroit had been creating cars with low weight, large amounts of horsepower, and very few amenities, muscle cars. At the time stock car rules required a certain quantity of a model to be produced to qualify as a stock car on the race circuits, this rule was a boon for performance buffs.  All the major manufactures were bitten by the muscle car bug, a car with low weight, few amenities, and large amounts of horsepower. The 1963 Chevelle was introduced with the 327 ci engine with a 300 horsepower, sadly it was no match for the Pontiac GTO with a 389 ci engine sporting three 2 barrel carbs. The Chevelle would up the anti with larger engines.

1964 will see the new A-Frame, it was introduced for the Chevelle, with a 112 inch wheelbase. The new frame suspension was unequal length double wishbones for the front end and a four link live axle rear suspension. It could be order in two or four door, the convertible and El Camino versions would become available in 1964. The 300 series would be the base model and the Malibu SS would be the Chevelle flag ship model.
1964 would see over 76,800 Chevelle SS’s produced. The SS would be available with either the 283 or 327 engine. The horsepower ranged from 195 (283 with a two barrel carb) to 300 (327 with a four barrel carb). The El Camino is reintroduced using the Chevelle A-frame and style.

The Bel Air is gone, the Chevelle is here!

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Blue 1790 SS Chevelle by Vince Crain


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