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Innovation. We all want the best of the best when we restore our car. A product that has been around for over thirty years is now being used for restoration. There are numerous reasons for using Powder Coat, environmental, economics, and so on.

A friend introduced me to a new way to Powder Coat your small parts, Carbs, mirrors, anything that can fit in to an electric oven that will take 400* Fahrenheit.

Consider this:

No runs, always a clean even finish!

Once the finish has adhered to the metal the chances of corrosion getting under the paint are reduced. You can even do your own Chroming!

You can go small or big with your powder coat process, you can do small parts or you can do your complete body. Think about this for a couple of minutes. You have a car that needs to be painted, you have even picked out the color. What if I told you that you could paint your car with a product that would out last any Lacquer on the market today? Power Coat!

In 2003 I rebuilt my 402, I had the valves done professionally, this included vatting the heads, shaving the heads 0.001 to bring them back to specifications. When they were returned to me they were powder coated. Unfortunately the color was Grey not Orange like the rest of the engine. But when I degreased them and painted them the paint did not run or bubble, they turned out very nice.

Now the problem with doing your complete body and frame with powder coat is that you have to remove all the parts! I mean any rubber, plastic or aluminum that can not with stand 400 degrees. But if you are doing a complete frame off restoration then why do a regular paint job that will chip, fade, or flake off in a couple of years? Why take a chance on all of your restoration efforts being destroyed by corrosion? 

For small parts you can buy a kit that would cost the same as getting your mirrors chromed by the local chrome shop, you could re-chrome your door handles, the mirrors, any thing that will fit in to a conventional electric oven that will produce 375 degrees. Instead of dropping off your parts and then going back in a week to pick them up, you can do them your self and save some money!

The 1970 El Camino SS was the cream of the crop

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White 1970 El Camino by Vince Crain


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